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Public People Finder Helps Find People with Free Public Records Sources Online.

Public People Finder Helps Find People with Free Public Records Sources Online.

Public People Finder has new services offering cell phone lookups, and other new people finder services that allow people to find missing people or check background records, or even criminal., a leading Internet based detective agency, recently launched a group of new services designed to find anyone in the world within minutes, providing key background information to prospective spouses, employees and long-lost relatives sometimes in seconds.

“Forget the days of hiring a private detective and paying thousands for a lengthy search,” said Mr Leatherman, owner of Public People “With the comprehensive intelligence of the Internet, we now have access to over 180 billion records, within 30 seconds.” With a first and last name and a telephone or Social Security number, a searchers request can be made via phone, email or online. If the firm can’t meet the request of a people search, the search is free in most cases. Leatherman the chief detective also stated that his company is not like others online as they are a licensed detective agency and can handle many detailed search such as assets, bank traces, property, cell phone traces, criminal records, driving records, and many others. Mr leatherman stated this is not that same type of service that you see on the net today where you just enter a name, and it brings you back and address, and other data in a few seconds. Our records are done offline and include much more detail than others doing live time people search services.

The company is tied to a massive data bank which accesses more than 100 major networks of public, and private information, including the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), credit bureaus, marriage and divorce records by State. Said Leatherman, “People will go to great lengths to avoid being located. We saw a guy who changed his name from Fred to Frieda to avoid paying child support,” said Leatherman. With new laws on privacy said Leatherman this hurts America each day. For example said Leatherman when if a person drives their car into your yard causing damage. You get the plate number but you cant locate the driver as of privacy laws. Leatherman believes information is free as long as no harm is done in the process. If I want to know if someone has a criminal record, or is wanted by local law, or the FBI it should be a given right. Leatherman said it is the right of all americans.

If someone calls your home late a night and uses a cell phone or blocks the number it;s your right to find out who it is. That where comes in leatherman said.

We asked Leatherman about privacy issues about credit card theft, and identity theft and what his opinion was about this. Leatherman stated “Well anyone can get your social security number well even at the library, or the local court house. We never run a search and give a full social security number to anyone unless they have a court order, or a reason such as child support, or other legal documented reasons” Leatherman stated that it is really sick that people use other peoples information to get ahead in life, or to use someone else’s information to get a loan, or credit card.”

However, Leatherman stated that “there are many people out there that need the services that we provide such as criminal, background checks, cell phone lookups, missing people searches, skip traces, and many others. He said if someone owes you money you want to find them so that you can serve them court papers. If someone calls your home and harasses you with a cell phone you want to find out who it is right… Or if you hire someone to watch your kids you want to make sure they do not have a criminal record said Leatherman.. This is a given right to all people. You have the right to know and we can help.”

If It’s Information You Seek; Ye Shall Find Leatherman, a licensed detective, has gradually broadened his firm’s services since 1996, from a focus on re-connecting families (, to re-connecting friends such as army buddies and classmates (, to a national focus offering all types of searches ( Most of the requests derive from larger states such as California, New York, Texas, and Washington.

One woman, who had been missing her son for 13 years, purchased a online social security search this past Christmas. The fruitful results lead to a happy, joy-filled holiday for the entire family.

A man said Leatherman owed child support for over 14 years and failed to pay. He was not found by other online people search services and we located him as living as a woman. The man changed his name to a womans name, and was living as a woman. He owed 125,000.00 in back child support and we located him and he paid up as the client had a judgement on him/her.

As with computers, the price of information has gone down drastically. The services which used to cost more than ,000 in the 1980’s now range between to track a Social Security number to 0 for a Background Check including criminal, bankruptcy, and asset information. For custom searches, most results are available within one to four days.

“Today, even an ‘Information Amateur’ can find basic information on the Internet,” said Leatherman. “However, when it comes to deep down need to know, people want to verify everything – especially if the person is a prospective nanny. We’re not here to invade people’s privacy. We simply help people protect themselves with the one thing that has become the most powerful commodity on earth: information.”

For a telephone search, call (304) 788-9040 between 10:00 AM – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Email inquiries or requests can be sent via email to [email protected] Major credit cards are accepted for online searches.

About offices, which are based in Keyser WV. Founded in 1996, PPF was created to provide specialized background investigations. As a licensed detective agency, the firm serves clients from around the world with criminal, corporate and personal investigative work. The company recently expanded their corporate offices

to West Virginia.

You may contact them at:

or by telephone at: 304-788-9040 M-F 9-4 EST

# # # Records for New York Residents Records for New York Residents

“ A Comprehensive Guide to New York Driving Records” recently announced that New York residents now have access to their comprehensive driving record via the company’s online portal.’s online platform offers consumers and business owner’s access to needed documents through its simple site navigation tools and resources.

Driving records for New York state residents contain information about license suspensions and moving violations, listing the details of each infraction separately. While the Department of Motor Vehicles strives to ensure that information contained within these reports is accurate, mistakes do happen and inaccuracies can be overlooked. For example, a paid moving violation ticket may remain on a record, or information that was to be removed after the specified length of time is still listed.

A person’s driving record is viewed by auto insurance companies and many potential employers as one gauge of the individual’s level of risk, and as a prediction of future behavior. Therefore, poor driving records often result in job offer rescind notices and auto insurance rate increases.

Most New York drivers request their records as a reaction to negative news, such as auto insurance rate increases or notice of a job offer rescinded following a background check. However, consumers that understand how information contained within their driving records can negatively impact them when incorrect review their reports regularly.

When New York state residents visit the online portal, they simply click on their state, fill out a short form, submit payment and they are granted access to their comprehensive driving record. No confusing instructions or length delays; just three simple steps that grant access to the information requested.

In addition to providing access to New York driving records, provides information regarding local and online drivers education courses, defensive driving courses, an auto insurance buyer’s guide and ability to receive and compare quotes, and business accounts that enable employers to pre-screen candidates via criminal and driving record history.

To learn more about obtaining your New York driving record, or to learn about establishing a business account for pre-hire screening, visit

About is a comprehensive online resource for individual drivers as well as employers. Employers seeking to complete comprehensive employee screening can locate employee criminal and driving records simply and easily! Driving Record information, defensive driving course overviews and availability, information about online driver’s education courses and auto insurance quotes and comparisons are at the touch of the website visitor’s fingertips.


view driving record

Web Based Colorado Driver Education Courses at

Web Based Colorado Driver Education Courses at

Colorado Driver Improvement Course contains text, videos, and animations, which makes the course interesting and interactive in online.

Online traffic schools are becoming very popular by operating 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Now the provides the Colorado Driver Improvement Course for the drivers of Colorado. It is a versatile companion for the busy drivers who intend to get education with the autonomy of time and place of pursuit.

The Colorado Traffic School Course literally helps the drivers to cancel their demerit traffic points, refresh their driving abilities and take care of their sky shot auto insurance premium. But more specifically the simulation of best driving practices helps the drivers to take care of all dangerous driving conditions arising on road.

The Colorado Online Traffic School Course is a blend of theory and entertaining tools for hassle free education. Some of the remarkable features of can be listed out as:

*It satisfies the DMV as well as the court requirements in the state of Colorado.

*Course content covers all the basic and advanced driving tips to transform you a responsible driver.

*The entire Colorado DMV Course is modular in structure.

*Anytime during the day you can seek the help of qualified customer support representative with

Colorado Traffic School Online course have helped thousands of customers to reduce points from their driving records, lower insurance rates and become better drivers by learning safety and defensive driving strategies.

About courses are convenient with time schedule and easy to complete in 12 self explanatory units followed by small quizzes.

For more details


Mark Robbinson


Phone: 858.724.0040

Fax: 858.724.0041


ca dmv driving record

Portland, Oregon’s Cube Management Releases SEO / Search Engine Optimization Guide

Portland, Oregon’s Cube Management Releases SEO / Search Engine Optimization Guide

Portland Oregon’s Cube Management, Sales & Marketing Specialists, have released a SEO / Search Engine Optimization Guide titled, “Rise to the Top: A Four Step Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”.

Portland, Oregon’s Cube Management Releases SEO / Search Engine Optimization Guide

Portland Oregon’s Cube Management, Sales & Marketing Specialists, have released a SEO / Search Engine Optimization Guide titled, “Rise to the Top: A Four Step Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”. This informative document can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: .

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process still shrouded in mystery for most sales and marketing executives. While it is true that many advanced SEO techniques are difficult for laypeople to understand, people don’t need advanced technical knowledge to comprehend the basics of it. Cube’s Search Engine Optimization Guide will walk you through the SEO process, giving you the beginnings of everything you need to know in order to put SEO to work for your company. Websites that have excellent search engine rankings combined with strong offers and conversion mechanisms are powerful lead generation machines for businesses of all kinds.

At Cube Management, we boast a proven track record of success in implementing highly targeted, successful Search Engine Optimization programs that boost sales and produce strong ROI for our clients. Let us show you how Search Engine Optimization advertising can bring targeted prospects to your website and new revenue through the door.

To download our Search Engine Optimization / SEO Guide, please click on the following link: .

About Cube Management

Cube Management ( provides sales acceleration services to emerging growth and mid-market companies in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare and business service sectors. The experts at Cube Management work across the entire spectrum of marketing, sales and business development to provide customized solutions that drive revenue and profit growth. Cube Management combines Strategy, Process & People to produce winning results.



Posted On: Portland, OR February 9, 2006

National eHealth Innovation Series with Health 2.0, to Kick Off with…

The National eHealth Innovation Series is excited to announce its inaugural event, New England Summit, will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at the Conference Center at the state-of-the-art…

(PRWeb August 19, 2011)

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EcoCAR Challenge Committee Selects Greenough Communications as Agency of Record

Greenough’s Clean/Green Expertise and Creative Execution Best of 27 Agencies Nationwide

Greenough Communications (, a leading independent public relations firm with offices in Boston and Silicon Valley, has been named agency of record for EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), General Motors (GM) and more than 15 other contributors, EcoCAR is an elite vehicle engineering competition that challenges seventeen universities across the U.S. and Canada to redesign and reengineer the 2009 Saturn VUE to minimize energy consumption and reduce emissions.

For the three-year competition (2008-2011), students will use a real-world engineering process modeled after GM’s Global Vehicle Development Process (GVDP) to reengineer a 2009 Saturn VUE. Greenough will use traditional media, social media and events to create awareness of how the competition, its sponsors and its participants can influence the energy and carbon emissions agenda. Additional sponsors include: The Government of Canada, dSPACE, National Instruments, The MathWorks, Freescale Semiconductor, The National Science Foundation, MotoTron Corporation, among others.

Media Contact

Sarah Ellis

Greenough Communications



Posted On: Boston, MA January 22, 2009 Announces Launch of New Agent Interface

The new agent interface will offer agencies several streamlined benefits such as a cleaner, easier to use interface, account details in one place across all products such as home and life, and…

(PRWeb August 20, 2011)

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Clopton Capital is Seeking Relationship with Residential Bridge Loan Providers

Clopton Capital is seeking relationship with residential bridge loan providers so that it may better serve the residentail needs of borrowers.

(PRWeb August 21, 2011)

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