Current Change in New York Renewal Driver License Requirements

No less than three New York senators are debating the New York Department of Motor Vehicles decision to ban vision tests, when drivers renew their licenses.  This change went into effect at New York DMVs across the state this past Wednesday.

In New York State, driver’s licenses must be renewed every 10 years or so, depending on the circumstances.  With DMV currently planning to drop the need for an eye test during a driver’s license renewal, Senator James L. Seward, R-Oneonta, states DMV is being reckless.  Obviously, during the years between renewing the license, there is plenty of time for the driver’s vision to change.

Spokesperson for DMV, Jackie McGinnis, disagrees.  According to McGinnis, DMV has carefully researched the issue and considered the potential outcomes that could result.

During the years between 1993 to 2000 drivers were not required to be tested for vision.  According to McGinnis, there were no negative outcomes regarding traffic safety.

The Senators that expressed concern over the issue have come out against the change.  However, neither of the two Onondaga County senators has yet taken a stand.

A solution to find a medium between the customer convenience offered by  DMV and public safety is currently being researched by Senator David Valesky, D-Oneida.

In the past, each New York State driver was required to take a vision examine at the DMV when renewing their license.  The driver also had the option of submitting the results of their vision exams that were performed by their physicians.

With the change, vision exams are no longer necessary, and the only requirement is for the driver renewing their license to certify that they are not suffering from any vision problems.  The driver also self-certifies that they are not suffering from heart ailments, hearing problems and other medical conditions that could impair their driving ability.

The change does not apply to those that hold their commercial license, and they will still need to take the medical and vision exams each two years when renewing their license.

Spokesperson for DMV, Jackie McGinnis, claims that the agency decided upon the change in order to offer drivers the availability of renewing their licenses online.

In the United States, there are currently 14 states that do not require vision

Safe Drivers are Finally Getting the Savings They Deserve

When it comes to auto insurance, every driver is looking for the best discounts. When it
comes to those safe drivers, however, those discounts are well deserved and should be
obtained from their providing company. That is why State Farm is implementing a new
program that can help reduce auto insurance rates for those who are genuinely good
drivers – and not going by word of mouth either.

Starting in Illinois for 2011 and beginning within other states during 2012, there is a
State Farm In-Drive program that is going to ensure that those that are driving safely
are also taking advantage of cheaper auto insurance that they have earned through
better driving practices. Drivers will be given a little black box type of device that is
connected to your vehicle’s computer, which will then collect data that includes your
speeds, turning, stopping and accelerating, and other details that can determine the
safety of the driver.

With this program, drivers who agree to install the device are given as much as 50%
off their insurance premium, introducing rates that are much lower than typical and can
save hundreds in insurance costs each year.

This program is definitely not for everyone – as it is intended for safe drivers to prove
to insurance companies that they really are safe drivers and therefore deserve the
savings being offered. This is similar to some programs called “pay as you drive” in
which a similar device is installed and tracks the miles you drive to inform the insurance
company of the appropriate amount to be charged. Instead, the device installed will
track your habits, determining for the insurance company whether or not you deserve a
safe driver’s discount that many drivers these days are after.

So, if you are in Illinois, you can get a device installed from State Farm and begin
saving more money than you ever thought in auto insurance. If you are in other states,
you can prepare for 2012 to bring about the opportunity to save more than half of your
auto insurance premiums – if you are able to maintain safe driving habits.


Drivers and Transit Passengers Prepare for Hurricane Irene,4safedrivers.com

Almost 300,000 New York residents have been ordered to leave the waterfront areas with a first-time shutdown of New York’s very large transit system. These are two measures that are taking place in preparation of Hurricane Irene, which is headed toward the city, causing great fiasco for New York’s drivers.
Irene is a very large storm, leaving New York city officials facing the dilemma of protecting their residents to the fullest of their capabilities during the storm – which has led to a shutdown of the city’s public transportation, something that has never before happened. With so many residents required to leave their homes, it is creating a great deal of stress on the roadways, with a great deal of panic within the city’s drivers as well.
Those who live in the waterfront neighborhoods of New York must be prepared to gather their belongings for travel – most likely by car, as there have been flights cancelled as well in order to accommodate the precautions given to residents.

Drivers must be careful to heed the storm’s advance, getting out of the city as soon as possible in order to prevent great congestion that can lead to dangers in roadway rage and violence, as well as accidents, injury, and even deaths. The urgency within the residents of New York City as well as the preparation taken by city officials is a combination that can cause great issues if there aren’t safe practices on the roadways as well.
Transit systems will begin to shut down this weekend, but residents who are ordered to leave must be sure that they aren’t waiting on the last bus or train, as there could be great issues. It is important that residents are able to remember the large number of residents asked to leave, which means there are sure to be sold out trips that can spell trouble for those who aren’t able to find adequate shelter within the city. DMV offices maybe closed so be sure to take your drivers licence with you and make sure you have any ID you may need.

Even after the storm passes, there will be issues with the city’s transit system due to fallen debris and issues with damages from Hurricane Irene. This means that there could be more issues for drivers of the city as there will be more obstacles for drivers that decide to take the roads themselves. For those commercial drivers out there, this spells a great deal of danger as well, which is why city officials have urged all drivers to get ready for much more pertinent watching of drivers on the roads to ensure that the safest practices possible are in place before and after the storm passes.

Sunday August 28, 2011 is going to be a day that has left officials with no alternative than to warn all residents who were permitted to remain within their homes to stay within their houses if safe, or find other adequate shelter if needed.

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