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What does driving while impaired mean?

The term driving while impaired or driving while ability impaired can mean a variety of things depending on where you live. In many states, it is a charge which is used when someone has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In these states, it is related to driving under the influence (the well known DUI), but is generally considered a lesser offence.Despite being a lesser offence, the penalties are still harsh.

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What is an Employee Background Check?

There are many records that are kept on us throughout our lives in various government and private databases. The driving record is only one such file. However, it is a highly important one as it is part of any standard background check. It can influence a variety of elements in your life.

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California has over 22 million licensed drivers registered in the state. If, at any given time, there are only half of the people on the road, that’s still over ten million people behind the wheel. Driving in California, especially in the big cities, can be overwhelming with all of the rules and regulations you have to follow. This is why it’s more important than ever to know your personal driving record. Just having the history can let you know if there any parking tickets or other violations that you may have against your license – even if you didn’t put them there yourself.

California Driving Record Online – What You Can Expect To See

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Texas is a huge state: it’s over 800 miles from the most northern point to the southernmost tip. If you want to go east to west, you’re talking almost 900 miles of driving. If you’re like most people in the country, the odds are high that you’ve either driven in or through Texas. Whether you live there or you’ve simply passed through to another destination, knowing your personal driving record can be crucial. It will let you know of a potential problem in your driving history before you find out from another, more unwelcome, source

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What Will I See In My Driver Record Online?

In Oklahoma, accessing your personal driving record has never been easier. You can get it cheap, easy, and over the internet, saving you tons of time in line at motor vehicles. It’s simply a click away.

What Will I See?

By looking at your Oklahoma driving record online , you will get the following information…

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What Can My Driving Record Tell Me?

When people meet other people for the first time whether in a business or a personal setting there are certain risks that they take. Often people will want to check their criminal background or their rental history, but what about their personal driving record? Someone’s driving history can tell a lot about who they are, whether it’s establishing a pattern or seeing how they defend themselves against what their record says. It’s also extremely valuable for you to know your own driving history, just so you know what you are presenting to the people who matter in their lives. It used to be extremely difficult to gain access to a person’s road history, but nowadays companies like www.4safedrivers.com can tell you how to get your driving record quickly and easily.

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Why You Should Check an Employee’s Driving Record Before You Hire

Whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a large corporation, you know that hiring the best candidate for a job opening plays a pivotal part in the success of your company.  After all, your employees are representative of you, which is why you only want to hire the best of the best.

However, if you’re not examining a candidate’s driving records for evidence of safe driving, you may be missing out on key evidence of whether a person is a great fit for your business – or if he or she needs to keep looking.

When it comes to background searches, many professionals think that it’s enough to conduct criminal and credit checks.  This ensures that they’re vetting out any criminals or candidates who may be irresponsible with money.  However, a safe driving record should play a pivotal part in this search, as it can help you make the following determinations:


  • Driving records can give you better insight into how the person handles themselves once they’re away from work.  Remember, your employees are representative of your company, whether they’re in the office or out on the town.  If your employee racks up speeding tickets or keeps getting DUIs, this is going to reflect poorly on your company’s reputation.


  • Your employees play a valuable role within your industry – and if one of your employees is constantly missing work to figure out traffic tickets or attend court for DUIs, it’s going to impact your ability to conduct business.  You want an employee who you can trust and rely on – and that simply won’t be the case if you’re working with someone who is in and out of court.


  • If you’re hiring someone who is going to be driving for your company – or just has your company’s advertisement on his or her car – you want to find someone who is going to obey the rules of the road at all times.  If a car with your name on it keeps getting pulled over by the police, you can bet that potential customers will sit up and take notice.  This may even lead them to choose to take their purchases straight to your competitors.

Don’t underestimate how much information you can glean from safe driving records.  To learn more about driving records – and to order driver’s records for potential employees – visit www.4safedrivers.com.

How to Dispute a Speeding Ticket

One minute, you’re driving along the road, whistling to your favorite song on the radio – the next minute, you’re staring down at a police officer who just handed you a ticket for speeding.  While you’ve always considered yourself a safe driver, you now have a speeding record – and if you want to maximize your chances of getting your dream job, you need to erase that ticket from your driving record pronto.

To protect your employment future and erase the ticket from your driving record, here are the steps you need to take to dispute a speeding ticket:

  • Always be polite and cooperative with your police officer as soon as you’re pulled over.  It’s harder to dispute a speeding ticket when you talk back to the police officer, because he or she is going to ensure that you get stuck with that speeding ticket.


  • Never admit that you were speeding.  If the officer asks why you got pulled over, admit you don’t know, and never admit to what you were doing.  If you make an admission, the police officer can use it against you in a court of law.


  • Check your ticket for inaccuracies.  If you spot one, ask the officer to correct it immediately, as this could hurt you in the court.  If there are inaccuracies that could help your case, however, keep quiet, as this will help the speeding ticket get dismissed.


  • Record details, take pictures, mark down where you got pulled over, and take notes about the police officer’s position.  All of these details will help you in court, and you don’t want to rely on memory to help you make your case.


  • Follow the directions on the fine print of the ticket. This is usually where you’ll find information about where to submit your dispute, and what steps you should take to dispute this speeding ticket.  Calculate the cost of fighting the ticket against paying it; if you’ll pay more to fight the ticket, you might want to see how this is going to impact your finances.


  • If you can afford it – and depending on the severity of the speeding ticket – consider hiring a lawyer to help your case.  This can ensure that your case is successful, and it can ease your mind as you won’t be responsible for gathering all of your evidence.

For more safe driving techniques, visit www.4safedrivers.com.

How to Become a Safe Driver

Safe driving may seem to be common sense at first; but for whatever reason, once you’re behind the wheel of a car, you just can’t resist those dangerous driving behaviors.  Maybe you have a penchant for speeding, or perhaps your life is so busy that your long commute gives you the opportunity to multi-task.  Whatever the case may be, distracted and dangerous driving habits have made a mess of your driving history

And you’re ready to clean your act up.

Having a safe driving record (or DMV report) is critical for living a successful life.  Think about it this way: a sub-par driving record can prevent you from getting a job, getting cheaper premiums on your insurance, and even mess with your credit score (especially if you let any unpaid tickets linger).  When you have a clean driving record, there’s nothing but open road ahead of you.

If you want to learn how to become a safe driver, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Recognize the situations that tempt you into engaging in unsafe driving habits.  For example, if you continually speed more than twenty miles above the speed limit, recognize what behaviors propel you to this habit.  Do you tend to speed when you’re late for work or an event?  Or do you speed because you hate getting stuck behind slow drivers?  Recognize your reason and learn how to curtail those habits.  For example:
  • Make sure you leave enough time for you to get to work or an event.
  • If you’re stuck behind a slow driver, don’t get angry.  Instead, take a few deep breaths, put on a song you love, and enjoy having a few moments to yourself.
  1. Keep distracted driving tools out of reach, like your cell phone, as this will help you resist the urge to text.  With this in mind, keep all toll money, garage passes, and other related driving tools within easy reach.  This can prevent you from being distracted while driving, which can lower your chances for getting into an accident.
  1. If you’re prone to road rage – which can lead to accidents, speeding tickets, and other moving violations – find a way to work out your anger outside of the car.  Start hitting the gym more or pick up a hobby that makes you feel relaxed and fulfilled.  Road rage can often be symptomatic of deeper issues, so try to work them out before you get behind the wheel.

Use these tips to become a safer driver – and get your driving records clean again!

How to Avoid Driving Record Frauds

When it comes to ordering a driving record online, you want the service to be as quick and painless as possible.  After all, you’re probably ordering this driving record because you need to apply for a job or change an error in your DMV report – and you don’t exactly have time to sit around and wait in frustratingly long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

However, the desire to get your driving records as quickly – and cheaply – as possible could leave you vulnerable to driving record frauds.  There are plenty of online driving records services out there that promise to deliver you your personal driving records for cheap – but then will charge your credit card an astounding amount of money in a never-ending subscription.

Consumer groups have just caught wind of these groups after similar debacles with credit report companies, which would promise users a “free” credit report, only to secretly charge them a monthly fee just for the privilege.  These tricks are usually buried deep within the terms and conditions of the website, but they’re still considered “predatory,” as they’re meant to trick people into opting into a regular subscription.

To avoid falling into this trap when ordering your driving record online, watch out for these warning signs:

  • If something seems too cheap to be true, then it definitely is – especially when it comes to driving records.  Services that charge only a $1 for you to see your driving records (like DMV.us.org, for example) are typically making their money through subscriptions, which will be contained deep within the terms and conditions of the site.  It usually costs a vendor between $3 to $28 to order a driving record online, so anything less than this is usually indicative of a subscription-based service.
  • If another service promises you that you can view someone else’s driving record, you should avoid this service at all costs.  You can’t view a driving record without someone’s written permission (usually in the form of a consent form), so any service that promises you otherwise should be reported to consumer agencies immediately.

Remember, if a service seems too good to be true, it usually is.  4SafeDrivers.com is a reputable service that offers real and reliable driving record results that can be sent to you by U.S. mail or to your email inbox.  When it comes to driving record searches, use a trusted name – use 4SafeDrivers.com.

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