Can You Get a Ticket for Smoking in the Car with Minors?

A lot of people these days continue to smoke regardless of all the warnings, but when it comes to exposing children to second hand smoke, there are actually regulations enforced
that aim to protect children from this harmful habit. Sure, it is your right to smoke if you please, but you don’t have the right to endanger others with your smoking because you don’t want to wait until you are in an area that is more appropriate. Smoking was discontinued in
public buildings due to this fact, and vehicles are now falling under legislation as well.

If you are smoking in your vehicle by yourself, you are fine. You won’t be cited unless you are flicking your cigarettes out the window in most states – as this is a form of littering and
states under fire warnings prohibit this action.

If you decide, however, that you would like to light your cigarette, smoking tobacco pipe, or cigar while a minor is present in the vehicle, you are in a way violating most state laws today.
In fact, you will find that many states are now enforcing this law very strictly to ensure that, children are no longer receiving long term harmful effects from their parents or other drivers’
bad habits.

The thing to know here is that you won’t exactly be stopped for smoking in a vehicle with a minor present, as it is too difficult for law enforcement to peer into every vehicle that passes
by to ensure no one is smoking around children in the car. However, if you are stopped for another traffic violation or involved in an incident and found to be smoking in the vehicle
with child passengers, then you will, in many states, be given a citation which will include a  fine that could be a bit higher than you are going to want to pay.

So, sure, you aren’t really going to be pulled over every time you smoke with children in the car, but you will be cited in many states if you are found smoking around children in a vehicle
that is stopped or involved in any type of traffic accident or other incident, or even if police approach your vehicle and find that you have child passengers while smoking.

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